Wheat-free challenge starts now

Last month, when I went back to Switzerland I decided to go to the doctor and do some tests for food allergies. I was not that happy when I discovered I have to get rid of the west in my diet.
Wheat is everywhere in my diet, especially because I love pasta. A part of mine was not that surprised when I heard the verdict. I know how tired I am after eating pasta or bread. I know how tired I am in the morning after a dinner based on pasta. I constantly have the feeling I don’t sleep well or not enough. However, I never wanted to face this truth as I love food and I love cooking Italian specialties. I also realised that eating a lot of wheat means that I often have an eczema on my hands

Coming back to London I decided to try to embrace this new challenge. I must say that it’s hard to find food around that doesn’t contain wheat. Yes, you may find gluten-free options but wheat-free meals are more complicated to find.

In the next month I really want to try to transform my diet, cook my food at home and then bring it a work paying attention to any kind of symptoms that could come up.

So, as I love cooking and baking, yesterday I decided to try a very simple recipe: rye bread with almond milk. Delicious! I started my day with a slice of it with jam and butter and I asked my friend Anelisa to try it and she loved it. Much lighter and really good taste.

I’ll keep you posted about my wheat-free challenge. I am really curious to see the benefits on both my body and brain. They say that the brain works better with a wheat-free diet. Let’s see…