We love ideas. Sometimes we fall in love with our own ideas and we end up protecting them, being so scared of their own potential that we don’t share them with other people because we think they might want to steal them. The result is that we don’t really do anything we them. We think we will do something sooner or later. But then we are so busy that we stop thinking of them. The next step is complaining about not results and comparing with other people who definitely are more in action.

Possible. Why not.

At the same time, by sharing our ideas, amazing things can happen to us.

1. We get to know what kind of impact our ideas have on different people. We can start seeing people’s feedback and comments and we can work on our ideas to make them even more inspiring and bigger or to transform them in something more suitable to our needs. In other words, by sharing them, we make them alive!

2. From a small idea or input, 10 other creations can start arising. This is why it’s so important to share with the people around us. We can also challenge ourselves and share our ideas with people we would never do. People whose judgements had a strong impact in our past experiences. People whose opinions are relevant to us. People we love who can support us and make us dream.

3. Sharing interesting ideas is like breathing fresh air. Kids do share all the time and they love doing it. They share their desires, their dreams and their passions. This will make us free. By sharing we allow ourselves to take our ideas and goals seriously. Once we start sharing our ideas, we have to expect that people who really care about us, who love us, will start waiting for developments. That could be a reason why most of the time we prefer not to share so that we don’t have to commit to any particular expectation.

4. Sharing amazing and inspiring ideas will make this world a better place. Our idea could even be small but by looking and asking for other people’s support we will start stepping into the real world. Maybe we’ll start thinking about why we are here and what we can do to make a contribution to our society. Ideas are in our minds, therefore we think that as they are ours we need to hold them tight. Keep them for our lives, ourselves. However, we might need to share them to get them bigger. My invitation is to start thinking in a generous way. We definitely want to make them bigger, to see our projects becoming reality but at the same time we want to make sure that what drives us is not only a selfish behavior.

5. We will expand our conversations! We will stop talking about the weather or gossiping about colleagues. We will really engage people around us and we will take the most of our precious time.

At school, probably when we were little kids, we might have been told we were not creative enough. This is definitely not what is going to help you in life. Everyone is creative. Everyone has the power, the potential and talent to create brilliant ideas. We might have different roles in the development of great ideas. We might be the one who has the very first one which helps start the process. Or we might be the person who really makes an idea huge, viral. Who knows. What really matters is that we start thinking of us as creative individuals willing to share and support other people’s ideas.