It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post.

Tonight, it will be something short but hopefully something special.

It happened to me in the last few days to breath a different air in my life. To feel a different breeze on my skin. I realised that the more I follow what really matters to me, the more I develop a thirst for life, a real love for life.

It happened to me lately (especially after all these bad things happening around the world) to face my fears of death. Every time I open my heart and let this new enthusiastic sensation become mine I also get in touch with the fact that everything is temporary. The fragility of life match perfectly with its beauty. That’s why I am extremely grateful to all I have at the moment. To all the people who challenge me to become a stronger person, to those who love me, deeply.

With this kind of feeling in my heart, body and mind I regret when in the past it happened to me to call my life a ‘damn life’, to say things like: why everything happens to me?.

Whit this kind of feeling in my heart, I want to make the most of my life, to live every second with courage, to push my boundaries, to love unconditionally.