It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post.

Tonight, it will be something short but hopefully something special.

It happened to me in the last few days to breath a different air in my life. To feel a different breeze on my skin. I realised that the more I follow what really matters to me, the more I develop a thirst for life, a real love for life.

It happened to me lately (especially after all these bad things happening around the world) to face my fears of death. Every time I open my heart and let this new enthusiastic sensation become mine I also get in touch with the fact that everything is temporary. The fragility of life match perfectly with its beauty. That’s why I am extremely grateful to all I have at the moment. To all the people who challenge me to become a stronger person, to those who love me, deeply.

With this kind of feeling in my heart, body and mind I regret when in the past it happened to me to call my life a ‘damn life’, to say things like: why everything happens to me?.

Whit this kind of feeling in my heart, I want to make the most of my life, to live every second with courage, to push my boundaries, to love unconditionally.





We love ideas. Sometimes we fall in love with our own ideas and we end up protecting them, being so scared of their own potential that we don’t share them with other people because we think they might want to steal them. The result is that we don’t really do anything we them. We think we will do something sooner or later. But then we are so busy that we stop thinking of them. The next step is complaining about not results and comparing with other people who definitely are more in action.

Possible. Why not.

At the same time, by sharing our ideas, amazing things can happen to us.

1. We get to know what kind of impact our ideas have on different people. We can start seeing people’s feedback and comments and we can work on our ideas to make them even more inspiring and bigger or to transform them in something more suitable to our needs. In other words, by sharing them, we make them alive!

2. From a small idea or input, 10 other creations can start arising. This is why it’s so important to share with the people around us. We can also challenge ourselves and share our ideas with people we would never do. People whose judgements had a strong impact in our past experiences. People whose opinions are relevant to us. People we love who can support us and make us dream.

3. Sharing interesting ideas is like breathing fresh air. Kids do share all the time and they love doing it. They share their desires, their dreams and their passions. This will make us free. By sharing we allow ourselves to take our ideas and goals seriously. Once we start sharing our ideas, we have to expect that people who really care about us, who love us, will start waiting for developments. That could be a reason why most of the time we prefer not to share so that we don’t have to commit to any particular expectation.

4. Sharing amazing and inspiring ideas will make this world a better place. Our idea could even be small but by looking and asking for other people’s support we will start stepping into the real world. Maybe we’ll start thinking about why we are here and what we can do to make a contribution to our society. Ideas are in our minds, therefore we think that as they are ours we need to hold them tight. Keep them for our lives, ourselves. However, we might need to share them to get them bigger. My invitation is to start thinking in a generous way. We definitely want to make them bigger, to see our projects becoming reality but at the same time we want to make sure that what drives us is not only a selfish behavior.

5. We will expand our conversations! We will stop talking about the weather or gossiping about colleagues. We will really engage people around us and we will take the most of our precious time.

At school, probably when we were little kids, we might have been told we were not creative enough. This is definitely not what is going to help you in life. Everyone is creative. Everyone has the power, the potential and talent to create brilliant ideas. We might have different roles in the development of great ideas. We might be the one who has the very first one which helps start the process. Or we might be the person who really makes an idea huge, viral. Who knows. What really matters is that we start thinking of us as creative individuals willing to share and support other people’s ideas.


When less is more


Jackson Place

Now I keep saying it. Less is more.

It happened to me to realise how important it is to reconsider priorities in life. It happened to me to appreciate the value of the things that I own and that I keep conquering on a day-to-day basis.
Maybe because by changing country I chose to start a new life and this made me go back to basics.

In the last 10 months I totally transformed my life. I downsized what I thought was essential. I discovered new things that make me extremely happy.

You can read dozens of articles about the importance of owning less. You can even agree with them, embrace this idea. But when you really learn what it means being happy by having less, when you start thinking before buying or collecting things, when you really start asking yourself what you really need; then you have the chance to be incredibly close to what really matters to you.

There’re no rules. I’ve never thought there is a unique way to judge if what you have is ‘too much’. It’s all about being honest with yourself. Everyone should realise what really matters for themselves. What really makes this life a great life.

What happened to me, happened to other people. I managed to make my life easier and simpler although for some aspects much more intense. I learnt the importance of owning less.

To me it’s like giving space to many things I wasn’t really able to see: a real friendship, the possibility of eating in a nice restaurant after saving money for a big event. The possibility of buying the dress I love and which is finally on sale. A pure hug, my free time in a crazy and busy city, a calm and welcoming house when outside everything is noisy. The chance of having the time to express myself, to let my voice say my opinion. The freedom of choosing for once the most expensive wine to celebrate a new job in a foreign country.

Nothing seems to be the same now. And it’s exactly what I wanted to learn. It took me almost a year, one of the most expensive city in the world and my unlimited passion for life.

More attention in our life

“In the end

these things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”

(Gautama Buddha)

I read these words and I found them extremely powerful. What if we could really bring attention to every action or thought we experience in our life. What if we could really care about quality instead of quantity. We would be able to improve our life, raise the level of our awareness, share more love and be more happy free from expectations. What if our life was just made of moments lived in the present. Episodes that we can remember for their value, the value we give to them and the value we want to share with the people we love. Episodes that make our present ever more brighter, episodes that are perfect because we just live them without judging them, overestimate them or underestimate them. What if we were able to cultivate our relationships, bring attention and care to them, think outside the box in order to make our relationships extraordinary and wonderful.


We learn to say ‘NO’



Time after time we learn to say ‘No’. It takes time and for some people this represents a big step towards freedom and happiness. You might have many reasons why you don’t like saying ‘No’:

1. You want to be accepted and loved by your friends, the people you love, the people around you

2. You want more and more. You’re driven by fears and you’re afraid to lose many opportunities if you decide to exclude some of them

3. Unable to take decisions

4. You want to avoid responsibility

5. You’re scared that you will end up saying ‘Yes’, so what’s the point to start from a weak ‘No’?

So many reasons can jump into your heads. They can make you weaker and scared. The truth is that being able to say ‘No’ sometimes is necessary in order to respect what you really want.

You might think that you want to spend some time with your friends. You might think you want to pursue one specific goal. But then if you go deeper you discover that the reason why you would like to say ‘Yes’ to these things is just because you want to avoid to say ‘No’. It’s simple, clear. If you listen to yourself, you definitely know what you want in a specific moment.
I’m not saying you should avoid friends or duties. Absolutely not! Relationships are so important. The roots of our lives.Sometimes we say ‘Yes’ to things although we’d like to say ‘No’ because behind everything love is driving our actions. In those cases we decide on purpose to put ourselves aside and stand for something/someone who is really important to us.

What I always try to do is to really follow my insight. Try to understand what drives me, what makes me feel good without affecting the people I love. I think that this is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You may decide to feel guilty for the rest of your lives just because once you decided to say ‘No’. You may tend to think that this kind of behavior is going to reward you in the future. The fact is that what really exists right now is the present. You can’t predict how the future will be. Things happen. They happen no matter what you do or say. The actions we take in our present that make our episodes different, valuable.

We can decide now to act instead of reacting. We can decide now to take responsibility and be able to say ‘No’. We learn to say ‘No’. We learn to be more connected to ourselves, feed our souls, our friends, the people we love.


My cat got fat in slowness


I had been thinking that coming back home would be so different. That I would live a cathartic moment. They say that sometimes small things are the most relevant things. What I can appreciate and see now, finally at home, I can really slow down my life.
Such an easy thing to realize but so difficult to practice it. The rhythm of my life is frenetic, fast, intense. I am so curios that I want to absorb everything I have around me. Don’t get me wrong, this is great. Or at least, this is the way I choose to embrace life, with enthusiasm, but sometimes it’s so good to enjoy slowness. Here, in Switzerland everything seems so slow. Even my cat, which got extremely fat, seems less stressed out than London’s cat. Aha. I’m kidding. But it’s true, nature is so dramatically simple. Ludovika, my cat does a lot of things, such as playing in the wood, hunting, sleeping, eating, complaining. She (she’s got a personality) is pretty active but she is so into her world, so simply into her present.
On the other hand, human being are always attached to the future and they are not able to enjoy what they have. What happens then in a big city is that you completely forget what being slow means because nothing around you is really slow. So you have to find ways to bring slowness into our lives. What if you could simply try to focus on what you are doing and not becoming like our frenetic city. It’s so nice to have so many inputs and things going on but how can you enjoy them if you are already thinking about the next step? When you live in a big city you end up thinking you can always have something better than what you have. You think that once you lose something, you’ll find something else. Sometimes you even think that being like that means not being attached to things. The fact is that you have to protect what you have.
The present is the only moment you have, it’s unique, precious. It’s like a piece of art, we can’t reproduce it. It’s perfect. If you try to reproduce it in the future you might waist you time. If you enjoy slowness you might discover how many things happen around you.

Things that make you feel alive

Things in your life continuously change. Habits and passions change. Interests and friends change around you. You change and sometimes you don’t even realize you have changed so much. Priorities change, things that move you change as well. You become something new, every day although change is one of the things you fear the most. Still, there’s nothing you can’t do. You can decide to change more things, more habits, more behaviors. You can decide to list what makes you feel alive and make sure that those things are protected and will always have the right space to be expressed.

Many things could make you feel alive: communicating, singing, climbing, travelling, reading, teaching, drawing, cooking, playing with kids. Things that you have never considered could become stories of your life. Could become part of your identity.

How often do you think about it? How often do you share things that make you feel alive with your friend? How often do you have the courage to ask for more? Seek more?

Unpredictable life

Things never go the way you expect them to go. This is the nature of life, so why don’t we embrace it? If I just think about my 2013, nothing could be so far from what I planned. And, in the end I had so much fun from all those changes. I tried to slow down changes at least just to control them. Changes sometimes are overwhelming. You can’t stop them, just acknowledge them and then advance with them. You can shape your life around your values, around love, friendships.

Be aware that everything you might have can tell your story. They can tell the way you want to live your life. However feelings, people, things are not you, and you are not them. If they fall apart you might need to pick up the pieces, be strong and move on. You might need to remind to yourself that those things described your life for a while, but you are more than that. You should be the center of your life, stable in the storm. You should consciously feed your heart with love for yourself, compassion.

Life is fun! Beautiful, stunning. Life is unpredictable. I keep looking for this freedom, this unpredictability that makes me feel alive. After all my mistakes and messes I am still free to embrace life, and can’t wait to see what I am going to live during my 2014.

Have an amazing and stunning 2014

Things I’ve learned

This 2013 has been intense. Tough, beautiful, full of emotions. It made me cry, go deep into myself and made me laugh and feel the real joy.There is one thing I want to keep from this year. I learned how to value my time by choosing what’s really right for me.

This has immediately gave me the opportunity to be free. I had the opportunity to do what I really feel close to my personality and to my needs. I had the opportunity to love the people who kindly and purely recognize my friendship and wanted to share theirs. And as an immediate effect I received so much love in return. I learned to let go and stop convincing someone to be the way I would like them to be.

I felt on my skin what it means being happy for someone. I learned that others’ smiles make my life much more intense and beautiful.

Dear 2013, I am happy to walk with you till the end of this month, leave all the sad moments in the past and keep tight the beautiful ones. They will become my safe place for the 2014 when I need to remember where I come from.

These are the things I’ve learned.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, before going to bed, what really matters it’s the time you dedicate to yourself. It would be nice if you had some gratitude for it. Maybe you will find at least one good reason to call it a “worthy day”.

1. Write down something good and positive you have done for yourself and for the people around you. Something that won’t create new expectations. Something that won’t give you the opportunity to earn more money or get a better social status. This will definitely help you to remind yourself that it’s not all about work, expectations and material achievements. If you haven’t done anything like this, it could be your next task tomorrow.

2. Call friends and listen to their stories. Friends’ lives teach you to see the big picture, limit your fears and problems, balance your requests. Be a good friend. Maybe, in the future, at the end of one bad day, you might need someone who is able to make you feel at home.

3. Have a warm shower and heal your body. Don’t rush just because you are tired. Before going to bed, make sure you are preparing yourself properly. Have your rituals. Take advantage of this particular time, when everything is calm and you can let yourself go.

4. Don’t keep your anger, do some stretching, breathe. Sometimes the most difficult and challenging thing is trying to let go. Be the master of your mind, be aware of the fact that, a calm mind is the perfect soil for creative solutions.

5. Be enthusiastic about dreams. Feel the need and the strong desire to dream about something beautiful. Remind to yourself that this is your time for you to recover. Nothing should destroy or affect this amazing opportunity. Ask to your brain to heal all the situations you were not able to fix in your reality. You might find a new solution in your next dream.


Good Night