Inspired by Malala Yousafzai

Hero_Malala_QUOTESuch an inspiring discourse the one made by the young Malala Yousafzai after winning the Nobel Prize.

Powerful, driven, self-expressed. An example for all of us to stand for our rights and for what really matters to us. An inspiration to cultivate the courage to follow our heart despite the difficulties and work together for a better world.

A young woman with an impressive charisma who extremely touched and inspired me.

In a world made of superficialities, these personalities stand out and really encourage us to not fall down in silly complaints.

It’s sad that we need as ordinary people to have these big events to keep remind to each other that we are here to make a difference in this world. No matter whether on a large scale or not.

Yes, I’m inspired by Malala Yousafzai.

Here is her discourse:




Connecting with people



Connecting with people is extremely important.

In our Technology era, it’s necessary to keep building new relationships, strengthen the ones we already have and try to transform the way we are and act in these relationships.

Being able to connect with people makes your life extraordinary.

1.Nurture your existing social connections.

Spend time with the people you love, the people who like sharing with you and with whom you like share new adventures. Make new friends and strengthen your current friendships. If you can’t always meet your friends in person (because of your busy agenda) then call them and talk to them. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Discuss with them about your relationships. How is it? What can you both do to make it better or even more special. What are you prepared to do to make your connections real and unforgettable friendships.

2. Talk to strangers

Talk to people around you. People walking down the street, people at the bar, people at the office. Introduce yourself and try to look at your profile from another perspective: how would you like to present yourself? What would you like to say about your life? About your personality? About who you are? Be honest and be able to play with yourself. Explore what you haven’t done or said so far. Pay attention to people’s reactions. Most of the time you will see that many fears you have exist only in your head.

3. Transform

Transform the way you are and act in your relationships. Try to be consistent in every kind of relationship you have and be always correct with others and with yourself. Don’t lie, but be brave! Try to bring your relationships on another level. Try to feel always comfortable and at the same time be brave enough to see what you can actually change and transform within a relationship. What can you do in order to make the communication clearer. To make your connection stronger. Try to observe. See if you can identify some recurring patters that keep making your relationships difficult, less bright, not completely honest. What does the other person give to you? Try to understand what is your relationship based on. Is it real sharing? Is it a relationship based on fears? Needs? Transform yourself within your relationships and play the game of life!

4. See your life within a community of people

Don’t forget that we live in a community. We are part of communities. We build them, we encourage them, we need them. Every change, every transformation you bring to yourself and to your life affects your community and the environment you’re in. Be open-minded and go with the flow. Admire your journey, observe where your community is going, make your contribution to it and feel like you value your actions and you value the people that with you make a contribution to your community.

May we learn from Robin Williams’ story



I’d like to think that there are always choices to make. That besides our stories in our mind, stories that make us suffer, life is full of possibilities. Sometimes the pain is too much and we can’t explain it. It becomes our own life. It controls us. What we can do is to share it. Share it through our words, our feelings with people we love. By doing like that we may seen things we never saw. Or maybe not.

I’d like to think that we can make the impossible possible and learn from others’ lives.

May Robin Williams’ sadness and story teach us something important about life, depression and human beings.
It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s not about being selfish or not. It’s about choices. No matter what you choose to be, there’ll always be an impact on your life. Think, choose, create your possibility, become your possibility. Take responsibility for every action.

“I don’t have very much time these days, so I’ll make it quick–like my life. You know, as we come to the end of this phase of our life, we find ourselves trying to remember the good times and trying to forget the bad times, and we find ourselves worring about the future. Start to worry, thinking what am I gonna do, where am I gonna be in ten years? But I say to you, ‘Hey, look at me.’ Please don’t worry so much, ’cause in the end none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night, and when a shooting star streaks through the blacknessturning night into day, make a wish, think of me, make your life spectacular. I know I did. I made it, Mom. I’m a grown-up. Thank you.”
Robin Williams, Jack.



5 ways to be more creative

This blog is also made of lists which aim to inspire.

I love this one.

1. Creativity start from yourself. If you want to be more creative, invent a new way of being. Everything starts from yourself. Start being funny if you are grumpy most of the time. Start being lovely, ambitious, patient, kind, productive, committed, inspiring, precise, generous, sexy, creative, attentive, friendly, collaborative, honest, tolerant, creative…

If you want then, take a pic of you. You can stick it on your wall. Social media are full of selfies. So, this could be a useful selfie, to see how you change!

2. Try new ways to get to work. New transports, new streets. Sometimes you can even get lost. Walk with someone or alone. During this time be aware of your steps or movements. See what this generates in your life.

3. Write and make notes. List your coolest ideas or draw any images which might appear in your mind. Writing and drawing were daily activities in our childhood. We just stopped doing it as we think there’re no particular reasons to do it.

4. How will you spend your lunch time? Invent a new possibility. Get out of your routine and boring expectations. Use your free time by doing different things.

5. Be productive at work. Think of new ideas. Don’t be afraid of presenting them. From organization to the content of your role, let your brain work. Please let go all the complaints, they make you feel stuck and don’t allow you to be open to new possibilities.


Big opportunities in times of crisis

Times of crisis. Times of opportunities.

The word crisis derivates from the greek word κρίσις which means division, separation. Basically, the first meaning has always been linked to the harvest process when wheat has to be separated from straw and husk. The word itself ended up to be related to the act of choosing, the ability to perceive and discern.

So, It’s like considering the idea to have the time and the opportunity to select what it’s right for us and what it’s not. An accurate selection requires attention, honesty and creativity. Once you choose what you want to keep and what you should throw out, then you have the chance to invent something new. To be an an avant-garde person.

In times of crisis we need more. We need people able to move forward. It has always been like this in history. Great movements, great people come from great crisis. Huge crisis of different types. On a large or small scale, the crisis is incredibly productive. What are we doing when we feel stuck?

I guess we use so frequently the word crisis and we don’t really take advantage of its potential. This could be an opportunity for those who are looking for a job and should maybe consider the idea of creating something new. Be an avant-garde entrepreneur.

You might finish to understand you should let go what you contemplated for years. All those actions require courage. Important personalities in history have been very brave. They found freedom where there was just sorrow. They overcame their fears because they were driven by a strong project or simply by the need to find and create something new for them or for a group of people.

That’s why I love the word crisis. Human being are continuously pushed in order to overcome their limiting beliefs. And until they have the opportunity to select the harvest, think about how to progress, it’s worth a try. When there is no time anymore, then, there will be time to complain.


Consuming Christmas. The Harrods experience


2013-10-06 11.19.31

First November. London. Harrods. An over the top opera singer trying to draw the attention of customers by entertaining them on the stairs of this huge department store. I am almost hypnotized by the crowd and curios at the same time about this incredible microcosm. Different cultures, different kind of customers. Tourists who can’t wait to see Harrods Christmas windows showing current most exciting and fashionable brands. Arab and asian customers who love buying here and they go through every floor with accurate elegance. Kids and young people who are extremely attracted by the atmosphere which overwhelms Harrods. And then, women, whose smiles and enthusiasm are so clear in their expressions.

There’s such an ambivalent ambience at Harrods. As a costumer you might love the dreamy sensation of the building, the beautiful visual merchandising and the lovely smell that reminds you that this is the empire of luxury. You are in very close contact with exclusivity. But then, you have the strong impact with consumerism. As an observer, it might be interesting in terms of market and trends. If you are attentive enough you might find out some cultural features that influence choices and trends. That’s why I love visiting those big and imposing department stores. It’s the opportunity to fix in your mind interesting peculiarity of the UK market. For the rest Harrods remains an incredible entertainment centre where people like spend their time, their money, particularly before Christmas time. There shouldn’t be any particular surprise in front of this kind of situations. However every time I step into Harrods I end up being astonished. Cities like London have been consumerist for decades. People are driven by this indescribable need to buy. Although this big economic crisis the luxury market is constantly growing.

I leave Gucci behind me and let a gentleman open me the exit door. In front of me an enthusiastic and excited crowd is looking forward to joining Harrods world. I smile. This is Harrods.