POETICAT LIVE @ Brixton Windmill

Hi guys!

Last Saturday night I had the chance to see on stage POETICAT at The Windmill in Brixton.

Great Performance, I had so much fun!

Highly recommended if you want to have fun and enjoy their experimental, acoustic music.

As I wrote in my review they are like a vast wardrobe made of colorful and eclectic outfits.

Here you can find one of their video on youtube

if you want to have a look at my review on gigslutz, here is the link


Hurts at Troxy: wonderful night, wonderful life

They say that coming back home brings back memories. For Hurts, maybe, performing in London yesterday night at Troxy, it’s like living the dream again. It’s like realizing that reality is even bigger. When it happens, feelings and emotions are uncontrollable, huge. Everything might seem different, especially where the adventure started.
I can still feel the great atmosphere that overwhelmed the audience. Theo’s hand on his heart to demonstrate his gratitude, Adam’s face which remains always elegant and incredulous in front of such a strong and enthusiastic audience. And then, falling sequins at the end of the concert just to remind the public that it’s time to go home.
Schizophrenic and deep sounds, pop-rock music combined with dark, eccentric and brave distorsions. Theo’s great and unique voice which is always able to strike a chord. Deep and passionate lyrics, instability, research. Catchy words which are perfectly mixed with intense and dreamlike sounds. A shy start, where Theo seems a bit tired. Then, a great acoustic performance of  Blood, Tears and Gold with Adam and Theo framed in a gentle and intimate atmosphere. I still can feel the incredible silence during this song, such a magic moment. The tangible emotion on Theo’s eyes during Unspoken breaks up all the remained resistances and the great connection with the audience create an amazing mixture.
Then, it’s time for Sunday and Stay. The charged-up crowd can’t stop jumping and singing out the two hits which inundate the theatre with their powerful refrains.
I had the opportunity to see Hurts in Milan during their Exile Tour some months ago. It’s so nice seeing them in the UK, at home. The empathy and the connection between Hurts and their audience seem so strong that even the shyest spectator ends up to enjoy a night like this. Humanity, truth and humility shine through them. It’s a pleasure watching them on stage, maybe because they are still surprised about their dream coming true. And this is admirable.

Tindersticks: Stories retold

Fusion and jazzy atmospheres characterize the indie rock band’s new release published this October.
Time passes. Musicians and their lives evolve. Young bands become successful then, maybe, after many years on the scene they can take the risk and the liberty to re-record and revisit their old songs. This is what Tindersticks have done with their latest release published this October.

This latest album is a selection of ten songs from their back catalogue. They gather together 20 years of their brand of versatile English indie rock music and give the songs a new twist. A jazzy and noir atmosphere overwhelms Tindersticks’ new release Across Six Leap Years.
The continuous changes in harmonies and the complex arrangements together with both the vibrato of Stuart Staples’ voice and the delicate Hammond organ, create an original and intense mixture. A dreamlike sensation shines through the songs – the elegant touch of the drums and the bands’ characteristic violin give a rich texture to the music.
The songs play out with a natural and enjoyable rhythm. The choir and the leading voice in Dying Slowly and I know that loving are reminiscent of some of Leonard Cohen’s productions and atmospheres. Stuart Staples’ voice may sometimes be lacking in variety and colour, however, it matches perfectly with the style of the production and remains the main and recognizable hook across the album. You end up being captured by his musical maturity and touched by his personal interpretations. The result is a charismatic and intense release enjoyable and refreshing to existing fans and to people discovering Tindersticks for the first time.

Hands in the air for Jay-Z

The O2 arena in London remains such an inspiring venue to enjoy a concert. An amazing atmosphere overwhelms the audience. An imposing energy inundates thousands of dancing and excited bodies. Then, when you have a charismatic and entertaining personality on stage such as Jay-Z it is easy to enjoy the night.
Two hours of concert in a shy and minimal stage, musicians in the shadows and the crowd spurred by his massive and catching figure. Magna Carta Holy Grail’s tunes combined with all the best successful songs and Timbaland’s interlude to warm up the public whilst waiting for Jay-Z’s second outfit. A couple of pop hits just to remind how powerful he is within the mainstream music industry. Great but expected final with Forever Young floating in the air and a general old-style hip-hop sound that goes along and embraces the whole concert. Impressive, generous and interactive performance enriched by a disarming Jay-Z attitude. He seems to go back to basics, so detached and far from celebrities’ redundancies and stereotyped behaviours.
His songs and his performance on stage speak for themselves. The audience does the rest and you end up enjoying the show almost forgetting that you are participating in one of the world’s most famous rapper’s concert. Despite the stripped back minimal approach, there is still a little bit of hip-hop excess and opulence. He proudly wears his over-the-top bling golden chain hung on a black sweatshirt. But this, is part of being an iconic rapper, former drug dealer, who succeeded in turning his life stories into music gold dust. Swagger sometimes, but just like a good and famous rapper could be. There’s no need to show more. Its achievements speak for themselves. Probably because this is the story of a celebrity, deeply recognised, acclaimed that aims to entertain. Maybe we are in front of a celebrity who doesn’t mind staying low profile.