It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post.

Tonight, it will be something short but hopefully something special.

It happened to me in the last few days to breath a different air in my life. To feel a different breeze on my skin. I realised that the more I follow what really matters to me, the more I develop a thirst for life, a real love for life.

It happened to me lately (especially after all these bad things happening around the world) to face my fears of death. Every time I open my heart and let this new enthusiastic sensation become mine I also get in touch with the fact that everything is temporary. The fragility of life match perfectly with its beauty. That’s why I am extremely grateful to all I have at the moment. To all the people who challenge me to become a stronger person, to those who love me, deeply.

With this kind of feeling in my heart, body and mind I regret when in the past it happened to me to call my life a ‘damn life’, to say things like: why everything happens to me?.

Whit this kind of feeling in my heart, I want to make the most of my life, to live every second with courage, to push my boundaries, to love unconditionally.


Inspired by Malala Yousafzai

Hero_Malala_QUOTESuch an inspiring discourse the one made by the young Malala Yousafzai after winning the Nobel Prize.

Powerful, driven, self-expressed. An example for all of us to stand for our rights and for what really matters to us. An inspiration to cultivate the courage to follow our heart despite the difficulties and work together for a better world.

A young woman with an impressive charisma who extremely touched and inspired me.

In a world made of superficialities, these personalities stand out and really encourage us to not fall down in silly complaints.

It’s sad that we need as ordinary people to have these big events to keep remind to each other that we are here to make a difference in this world. No matter whether on a large scale or not.

Yes, I’m inspired by Malala Yousafzai.

Here is her discourse:







We love ideas. Sometimes we fall in love with our own ideas and we end up protecting them, being so scared of their own potential that we don’t share them with other people because we think they might want to steal them. The result is that we don’t really do anything we them. We think we will do something sooner or later. But then we are so busy that we stop thinking of them. The next step is complaining about not results and comparing with other people who definitely are more in action.

Possible. Why not.

At the same time, by sharing our ideas, amazing things can happen to us.

1. We get to know what kind of impact our ideas have on different people. We can start seeing people’s feedback and comments and we can work on our ideas to make them even more inspiring and bigger or to transform them in something more suitable to our needs. In other words, by sharing them, we make them alive!

2. From a small idea or input, 10 other creations can start arising. This is why it’s so important to share with the people around us. We can also challenge ourselves and share our ideas with people we would never do. People whose judgements had a strong impact in our past experiences. People whose opinions are relevant to us. People we love who can support us and make us dream.

3. Sharing interesting ideas is like breathing fresh air. Kids do share all the time and they love doing it. They share their desires, their dreams and their passions. This will make us free. By sharing we allow ourselves to take our ideas and goals seriously. Once we start sharing our ideas, we have to expect that people who really care about us, who love us, will start waiting for developments. That could be a reason why most of the time we prefer not to share so that we don’t have to commit to any particular expectation.

4. Sharing amazing and inspiring ideas will make this world a better place. Our idea could even be small but by looking and asking for other people’s support we will start stepping into the real world. Maybe we’ll start thinking about why we are here and what we can do to make a contribution to our society. Ideas are in our minds, therefore we think that as they are ours we need to hold them tight. Keep them for our lives, ourselves. However, we might need to share them to get them bigger. My invitation is to start thinking in a generous way. We definitely want to make them bigger, to see our projects becoming reality but at the same time we want to make sure that what drives us is not only a selfish behavior.

5. We will expand our conversations! We will stop talking about the weather or gossiping about colleagues. We will really engage people around us and we will take the most of our precious time.

At school, probably when we were little kids, we might have been told we were not creative enough. This is definitely not what is going to help you in life. Everyone is creative. Everyone has the power, the potential and talent to create brilliant ideas. We might have different roles in the development of great ideas. We might be the one who has the very first one which helps start the process. Or we might be the person who really makes an idea huge, viral. Who knows. What really matters is that we start thinking of us as creative individuals willing to share and support other people’s ideas.


Connecting with people



Connecting with people is extremely important.

In our Technology era, it’s necessary to keep building new relationships, strengthen the ones we already have and try to transform the way we are and act in these relationships.

Being able to connect with people makes your life extraordinary.

1.Nurture your existing social connections.

Spend time with the people you love, the people who like sharing with you and with whom you like share new adventures. Make new friends and strengthen your current friendships. If you can’t always meet your friends in person (because of your busy agenda) then call them and talk to them. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Discuss with them about your relationships. How is it? What can you both do to make it better or even more special. What are you prepared to do to make your connections real and unforgettable friendships.

2. Talk to strangers

Talk to people around you. People walking down the street, people at the bar, people at the office. Introduce yourself and try to look at your profile from another perspective: how would you like to present yourself? What would you like to say about your life? About your personality? About who you are? Be honest and be able to play with yourself. Explore what you haven’t done or said so far. Pay attention to people’s reactions. Most of the time you will see that many fears you have exist only in your head.

3. Transform

Transform the way you are and act in your relationships. Try to be consistent in every kind of relationship you have and be always correct with others and with yourself. Don’t lie, but be brave! Try to bring your relationships on another level. Try to feel always comfortable and at the same time be brave enough to see what you can actually change and transform within a relationship. What can you do in order to make the communication clearer. To make your connection stronger. Try to observe. See if you can identify some recurring patters that keep making your relationships difficult, less bright, not completely honest. What does the other person give to you? Try to understand what is your relationship based on. Is it real sharing? Is it a relationship based on fears? Needs? Transform yourself within your relationships and play the game of life!

4. See your life within a community of people

Don’t forget that we live in a community. We are part of communities. We build them, we encourage them, we need them. Every change, every transformation you bring to yourself and to your life affects your community and the environment you’re in. Be open-minded and go with the flow. Admire your journey, observe where your community is going, make your contribution to it and feel like you value your actions and you value the people that with you make a contribution to your community.

May we learn from Robin Williams’ story



I’d like to think that there are always choices to make. That besides our stories in our mind, stories that make us suffer, life is full of possibilities. Sometimes the pain is too much and we can’t explain it. It becomes our own life. It controls us. What we can do is to share it. Share it through our words, our feelings with people we love. By doing like that we may seen things we never saw. Or maybe not.

I’d like to think that we can make the impossible possible and learn from others’ lives.

May Robin Williams’ sadness and story teach us something important about life, depression and human beings.
It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s not about being selfish or not. It’s about choices. No matter what you choose to be, there’ll always be an impact on your life. Think, choose, create your possibility, become your possibility. Take responsibility for every action.

“I don’t have very much time these days, so I’ll make it quick–like my life. You know, as we come to the end of this phase of our life, we find ourselves trying to remember the good times and trying to forget the bad times, and we find ourselves worring about the future. Start to worry, thinking what am I gonna do, where am I gonna be in ten years? But I say to you, ‘Hey, look at me.’ Please don’t worry so much, ’cause in the end none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night, and when a shooting star streaks through the blacknessturning night into day, make a wish, think of me, make your life spectacular. I know I did. I made it, Mom. I’m a grown-up. Thank you.”
Robin Williams, Jack.



Living in Switzerland, rediscovering home



Living in London is great. You have access to amazing possibilities and opportunities. Your life is intense, mad, inspiring.

There might be thousands of reasons why you decided to move. However, when you have the chance to go home and spend some time where you grew up and everything started, it’s always a great experience of love and admiration. You end up appreciating more the place that before leaving was so boring you could see only drawback.

image (1)

I used to live in Switzerland where I spent most of the time. In Switzerland I went to school and developed my passions for music, nature, yoga and art. I always thought it was a boring place, where nothing happens.

On my holiday, this year I went back home to visit my family and guess what, I loved it!
Such a lovely experience living those places that are so familiar to me from a different point of view. From a tourist point of view!

I appreciated everything that makes Switzerland a great place to be: the nature, the rhythm, the lifestyle and I ended up being nostalgic. I had a taste of what it means living in Switzerland and of all the changes that happened in the last year.

image (2)

I haven’t changed idea as I feel that London is the right place to be for me in my present. However I might have changed idea on what I used to find boring or ‘normal’. The nature is stunning, the small cities and villages are so cute and the rhythm of life is much slower.

No matter how much I love London. Rediscovering my home was great. My home is where I grew up, where my adventure begun, where I feel always safe. That doesn’t mean I’ll never feel safe again anywhere else. That doesn’t mean I’ll never find a second home.

It just means that I still have a place where I can go when I feel I’m lost. My hiding place.


On my arrival in the UK, my hear was still nostalgic. However, when I opened my London door I knew I was in the right place for my present.

If you want to live visit or live in Switzerland, check out these links: or


When less is more


Jackson Place

Now I keep saying it. Less is more.

It happened to me to realise how important it is to reconsider priorities in life. It happened to me to appreciate the value of the things that I own and that I keep conquering on a day-to-day basis.
Maybe because by changing country I chose to start a new life and this made me go back to basics.

In the last 10 months I totally transformed my life. I downsized what I thought was essential. I discovered new things that make me extremely happy.

You can read dozens of articles about the importance of owning less. You can even agree with them, embrace this idea. But when you really learn what it means being happy by having less, when you start thinking before buying or collecting things, when you really start asking yourself what you really need; then you have the chance to be incredibly close to what really matters to you.

There’re no rules. I’ve never thought there is a unique way to judge if what you have is ‘too much’. It’s all about being honest with yourself. Everyone should realise what really matters for themselves. What really makes this life a great life.

What happened to me, happened to other people. I managed to make my life easier and simpler although for some aspects much more intense. I learnt the importance of owning less.

To me it’s like giving space to many things I wasn’t really able to see: a real friendship, the possibility of eating in a nice restaurant after saving money for a big event. The possibility of buying the dress I love and which is finally on sale. A pure hug, my free time in a crazy and busy city, a calm and welcoming house when outside everything is noisy. The chance of having the time to express myself, to let my voice say my opinion. The freedom of choosing for once the most expensive wine to celebrate a new job in a foreign country.

Nothing seems to be the same now. And it’s exactly what I wanted to learn. It took me almost a year, one of the most expensive city in the world and my unlimited passion for life.

More attention in our life

“In the end

these things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”

(Gautama Buddha)

I read these words and I found them extremely powerful. What if we could really bring attention to every action or thought we experience in our life. What if we could really care about quality instead of quantity. We would be able to improve our life, raise the level of our awareness, share more love and be more happy free from expectations. What if our life was just made of moments lived in the present. Episodes that we can remember for their value, the value we give to them and the value we want to share with the people we love. Episodes that make our present ever more brighter, episodes that are perfect because we just live them without judging them, overestimate them or underestimate them. What if we were able to cultivate our relationships, bring attention and care to them, think outside the box in order to make our relationships extraordinary and wonderful.


Can I share the table with you?

canale di sera

When you have little time to do what you like the most you end up appreciating more all the small things. It might sound boring or predictable but it’s so true!

Most of the time we postpone things. We think that everything we have now will be there in the future. A busy life can be risky because we may forget the importance of taking care of our passions, of what makes us feel alive. On the other hand a busy life gives us the chance to really focus on what we want, to enjoy every single moment, even the smallest thing.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the importance of having conversations in our daily life, even with strangers. I promised myself I would be less grumpy, more tolerant and glad to meet new people. I promised myself I would take practical actions in order to be in line with my words. What happened last week made me really happy and made me realize how important it is to connect people within our community.

Walking down the Regent’s Canal (please admire my beautiful shot in the sunset) I decided to have a coffee at Ribeira, my favourite bar. The weather was lovely and after my coffee I decided to eat something. I ordered an amazing stake sandwich. As the only available space outside was a big table with a couple and a young woman I decided to ask them if I could share the space with them and I just sat down on my chair.
Actually, I was about to give up and go back home as I don’t like being alone in a table with strangers. Then I thought I could try and just see what would open up. I started chatting with this lovely girl who like me loves the Canal and enjoys spending time there to relax. We talked about our life in London, how it is when you come from another country (she’s Australian) and what we like from this city. We shared our hobbies and passions, advices and tips, contacts and connections. Such a lovely and meaningful chat that lasted 4 hours and by the time I had to go home I thought I had a great afternoon.

In that moment I appreciated the present and the great opportunity to live in a big city where I can meet different and inspiring people every day. I didn’t do anything that was on my ‘To Do List’. I let my plans go and chose to enjoy my day off without feeling obsessed by work or time.

Also, by listening to someone’s point of view and suggestions, I learned how to become more tolerant and open. I wish I could meet a stranger every day and have at least one hour to chat.

Walking down the Canal on my way back home I realized I was very happy. Not only for my new friend but for the ability to stay in the present for once.

We learn to say ‘NO’



Time after time we learn to say ‘No’. It takes time and for some people this represents a big step towards freedom and happiness. You might have many reasons why you don’t like saying ‘No’:

1. You want to be accepted and loved by your friends, the people you love, the people around you

2. You want more and more. You’re driven by fears and you’re afraid to lose many opportunities if you decide to exclude some of them

3. Unable to take decisions

4. You want to avoid responsibility

5. You’re scared that you will end up saying ‘Yes’, so what’s the point to start from a weak ‘No’?

So many reasons can jump into your heads. They can make you weaker and scared. The truth is that being able to say ‘No’ sometimes is necessary in order to respect what you really want.

You might think that you want to spend some time with your friends. You might think you want to pursue one specific goal. But then if you go deeper you discover that the reason why you would like to say ‘Yes’ to these things is just because you want to avoid to say ‘No’. It’s simple, clear. If you listen to yourself, you definitely know what you want in a specific moment.
I’m not saying you should avoid friends or duties. Absolutely not! Relationships are so important. The roots of our lives.Sometimes we say ‘Yes’ to things although we’d like to say ‘No’ because behind everything love is driving our actions. In those cases we decide on purpose to put ourselves aside and stand for something/someone who is really important to us.

What I always try to do is to really follow my insight. Try to understand what drives me, what makes me feel good without affecting the people I love. I think that this is a journey that lasts a lifetime. You may decide to feel guilty for the rest of your lives just because once you decided to say ‘No’. You may tend to think that this kind of behavior is going to reward you in the future. The fact is that what really exists right now is the present. You can’t predict how the future will be. Things happen. They happen no matter what you do or say. The actions we take in our present that make our episodes different, valuable.

We can decide now to act instead of reacting. We can decide now to take responsibility and be able to say ‘No’. We learn to say ‘No’. We learn to be more connected to ourselves, feed our souls, our friends, the people we love.