I kept putting my passion for music under the carpet as I didn’t care about it anymore. I spent basically my teenage years writing music, playing around, dreaming of becoming a singer. I went to live in London with the aim of embracing this dream again and really expanding it. I got stop. By my fears and all the voices in my head saying ‘You’re not good enough, you don’t sing so well, there are so many singers around, especially in London’. So I started to do other things, that I love and tried to avoid the confrontation with this part of me. Looking into my music worlds, means taking responsibility for letting it go too easily but above all, letting people tell me what to do, what to think, who to be.

Of course, by being like that, there is no satisfaction. There is no sense of freedom and space. There is no excitement of taking on a new project with deadlines and specific steps to follow.

I went back to Switzerland where I come from, for a 5 days holiday. I was sitting in my mum’s garden yesterday, staring at my piano and thinking of all the time spent on that piano writing songs, being inspired by my creativity.

Suddenly, I got so present to all this lack of integrity and responsibility in my life. And all these fears which has driven me so far! I have become them. There was no passion anymore, no commitment, no intention. Nothing! I pretended for years that I wanted to go back to my music but really.. I haven’t done anything. I didn’t take myself seriously, just said a couple of words to keep my ego calm.

And now, looking at these little fears against my uncomfortable passion which I can’t hide anymore under the carpet, they seem so useless.

I sat down in front of my piano. It was very out of tune, aha! I started to play it and I loved it. I said to my mum: ‘I’m going to bring it to London!’ The passion is back, or it has never left. I have just started to write down the very first chords of my next song and I feel so alive!

This is what I am taking with me from my Swiss retreat – as I like to call it. I’ve got my music back and I’ve got my responsibility back. All the rest is just a bunch of boring stories that I can’t tell myself anymore.

I hope that this little share may provide some inspiration to those of you who are experiencing same things in their life.

Back into action now! Writing, performing, sharing. Watch the space.

Great artistic night at Looking Glass in Shoreditch

Great night last night at the cocktail bar Looking Glass in Shoreditch. On Monday night Looking Glass becomes an amazing and charming venue for Open Mic Nights.

So many interesting and international artists sang and performed and looking at them, expressing their life, it was such an enjoyable moment.
I ended up loving more this city which is giving opportunities to artists. Because, in the end, art needs to be shared. It needs a welcoming and protected space. It needs to be appreciated. No matter what kind of music artists are playing.

There was such a great silence which surprised me and I can say some tracks moved me as they were so true, so passionate.
The night is promoted and organized but the amazing Nate James who also sang a couple of songs and reminded us what a great voice he’s got.

Here you can find the link of the cocktail bar. I’d love to sing there… who knows… maybe one day.



Larry Tee and his Super Electric Party Machine

Great chat with Larry Tee’s at the Book Club in Shoreditch. I met this incredible and bubbly DJ in a crazy day just before Christmas and he decided to tell me a little bit about his story and music career.

We talked about his new release Super Electric Party Machine, about his past, about what really matters now within the music industry. I tried to picture his profile which is incredibly eclectic and versatile.

I enjoyed meeting him because he is such a stimulating and energetic person. I’d like to invite you to read my interview on Gigslutz. Hope you will enjoy it !